Have you been looking for a way to give your dog a bath without getting one yourself? 

Then you have come to the right place!



dog bath


With the Doggy Bath Shield, it is now possible to give your dog a bath without getting soaking wet.

No need to spend valuable time at the groomers, paying those expensive prices every single time your dog needs to be bathed.


Doggy Bath Shield enables you to wash your dog right from home the easy and affordable way. Plus, it’s less than the cost of a trip to the groomers!



Get Yours Today!


doggy bath shield large model


Large Doggy Bath Shield


The large Doggy Bath Shield model conveniently fits in all standard bath tubs. It’s flexible and tough enough to handle all dog breeds.


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doggy bath shield small model


Small Doggy Bath Shield


The small Doggy Bath Shield model conveniently fits in all standard sized sinks. Plus, we made sure that small dogs will be comfortable and cozy.


buy doggy bath shield



My kids don't complain like they used to when it's their turn to wash our dog. Thanks Doggy Bath Shield!!! 

David Cox | Accountant

My Doggy Bath Shield save me so much time!! No more having to change clothes from getting wet and dirty! I love this product. 

Rachel Veil | Wedding Planner

I was surprised how strong the unit are. I thought for sure my dogs would have been able to rip right through, but not even one scratch or tear. WOW! 

Bill Johnson | Product Designer


doggy bath shield


I am so confident that you’ll be blown away by Doggy Bath Shield that I will give you a Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t think that Doggy Bath Shield is the best and most affordable way to wash your dog and stay completely clean and dry, just return the product and I will return every penny back to you no questions asked! 

Doggy Bath Shield

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